About Us

six pictures of customers with their pets and products from Portfolio Pet

Behind Portfolio Pet

I’ve always been a dog person. 

And I mean, always. 

I’m one of seven siblings. And just when you thought a full house couldn’t get fuller, we added pets into it. And even though the house felt like a zoo, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I grew up with 3 dogs, and each of them played a crucial part in my life, just the way my family members did.

I think oftentimes we don’t realize how much our furry friends actually mold us. And they undoubtedly do!They bring joy, they know just how to make moments better, and they’re always excited to see you, no matter how long the day has been. Now that’s love.

That unconditional love, incomparable bond, and desire to celebrate just how special our furry pals are is the driving force of what inspired Portfolio Pet in the first place.

From my childhood pups to my current Golden-Doodle fur-baby Leo, I realized that I wanted to forge a project which celebrated them all. Not just mine, though. Everyone’s.

Cue: Portfolio Pet. 

What started as a mere concept has become a home for production. Our mission is to try and illustrate the bond between pet and owner via artwork. Although our most popular item is framed portraits, I wanted to do it all– mugs, iPhone cases, water bottles, hats and tees; you name it. 

We’re here to create artwork you love, inspired by those you love most. 

Latina-owned and run, we’re proud of all we do here. Thank youfor joining along, and welcome to the Portfolio Pet family.

With love,


photo of CEO Steph and her dog Leo

CEO of Portfolio Pet

Meet Steph (and Leo)